shooting videos with smartphone

Shooting Videos with Smartphone: Tips and Tricks

shooting videos with smartphone

Got an impressive Smartphone? Want to show off the camera quality to friends? The latest Smartphone features state-of-art cameras that are easy to operate. All you need to do is take out the device and start shooting the videos. But there are some tricks to shooting videos with smartphone. These tricks can make the video look like a shot from a professional camera. 

So, if you want to surprise your friends with great videos, here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Shoot Horizontal Videos: Though your Smartphone may have an option to rotate the screen, TVs, computer monitor screens, and even websites are not compatible with portrait footage. So, while shooting a video with smartphones, keep the device at landscape mode. This is actually a great start if you want to learn how to make a career in videography.
  2. Avoid Pixels: A video shoot with a zoom feature will have pixels. The Smartphone camera can zoom digitally but not optically, and this leads to pixels. When you zoom for a close-up, you are merely enlarging the picture.
  3. No Flash Light: The Smartphone cameras come with the option of artificial light i.e., flash, which does nothing useful to the video or picture. In short, it only makes the image look outdated. For lighting, go for natural light. It will fill life to the entire video.
  4. Audio Recording: Use an external audio recorder for creating a professional video. Sync the audio with video while editing it for the final video. The inbuilt microphone of the camera will not have the clarity that an external audio recorder will have.
  5. Tripods: Stability is crucial for an effective video. Your hands might be stable, but while shooting the video, a little jitter or shake of a hand can ruin all efforts. Have tripods, camera cage, and stabilizers for a steady video shooting.

Prepare yourself for the video shoot by gathering the props and setting the background. Have an external microphone ready so you can enjoy a great video shoot with smartphone. There are several editing apps available for iOS and Android devices. Using them, you can edit any minor mistake and share the final version with your friends on social media.