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Producing Great Social Media Videos

Social media plays such an important role when it comes to marketing and advertising. It is no longer just a means to connect with friends and family – it is not just for personal use anymore. Because social media is widely used by people of all ages all over the world, it is easier to reach your target audience or potential customers effectively and quickly. Aside from great copywriting, photos, and engaging with your customers or potential clients through comments or messaging, social media videos are now very popular as well.

Social media videos are ideally short. Some of them last only several seconds or so to about a minute or two. Some companies will produce longer videos such as short films so that they can share a longer message to their target audience. However, most of the time, social media videos are kept short so that the entire message will be sent to the target audience even before they move on towards their feed.

social media videos

People generally have a short attention span so you have to make sure that your social media videos catch or capture their attention right away. Therefore you should be able to think of something catchy, interesting, unique, and informative so that even in that short span of time, you can already get your message across to your audience. Failure to do so would mean people just passing through your video and scrolling down immediately to see what’s next on their social media feed.

When you create videos that are interesting enough, then people will even share them. For most companies or video content producers, the goal would be to spread content organically until it goes viral.

It is best to hire a professional who can help you create your social media videos. This could be actual video clips and it could also be a collection of photos or images and text that you can creatively weave together to turn into one social media video. These videos can be posted to your website or social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms your use.