videography career

How to Make a Career in Videography?

videography career

Those who have an interest for video production may find it convenient to shoot a video from their smart devices. These days, smartphones come equipped with high definition cameras that are competent to professional cameras. But, if you find it hard to capture one perfect photo and still want to try your hand in videography, you will have to learn it from scratch.

You can do it by first making a personal creation with a camera of your choice – a smartphone camera or digital camera. Capture some moments that you like, for instance, kids dancing in the rain, snowfall, and more. Do it for fun. You will gradually learn to capture moments like a pro and have a portfolio prepared to show it to your future clients.

For creating the portfolio, do ensure that you have the right gear. You can make a video through a smartphone with state-of-art camera features, digital cameras, digital single-lens reflex, and mirrorless cameras. An action camera is perfect for capturing actions in the video.

You will also need editing software to remove, edit, and modify the video. Here are top five free video editors.

Certain devices such as Mac has pre-installed video editor iMovie. You may also look up Google for video editors and have them installed for free or by paying a particular amount depending on which software you intend to buy. However, it is advisable to limit your gear investment in the initial phase of your career in videography. You may want some time to understand the profession thoroughly and gears that may help you make a better career as a videographer.

Once having created a portfolio, you are ready to try your hand at freelance videographer work—approach prospective clients with the portfolio. Let the clients know the best way to reach you. Ensure you attend their calls and messages on time as there are chances for them to turn to other service providers for a delayed response from your end. All the best!