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Corporate Video

How to Create Great Videos for Your Company Communication

videos for company

Company videos are non-commercial videos created to communicate with the internal staff of the company. These videos can be shared on the company’s website and emailed to the targeted department with the core purpose to aware and empower the employees. A corporate video can contain anything related to the working of the business. It can be a market update video, some tutorial, and safety video, and more.

More businesses are choosing to create corporate videos as a useful mode of communication. In this article, you will learn five fantastic tips for creating the most engaging corporate video:

Tip 1: Pick a Theme and Build a Story around It: To make the video exciting, try to stick to one topic, and create a story around it. For instance, is safety training is the theme of the video; you can have content related to ifs of not following the safety measures. This will enable the employees to learn the importance of following safety measures of the company.

Tip 2: Plan: Plan the making of the video patiently. Any rush in making the video will only cost more in terms of time. And if the video is attractive enough, that time will be wasted. So plan before executing for time once spent cannot be earned back.

Tip 3: Keep it short and straightforward: Employees don’t have the whole day to watch the video. They will hardly spare a few minutes. So, keep the video quick and straightforward for them to understand the crux of the video.

Tip 4: Invest in Quality: The quality of the videos matters to keep the viewer engaged. The corporate videos are for internal communication, and therefore they should be compatible with smart devices for employees to view them in their free time or while traveling back to their home.

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Tip 5: Make them Available Everywhere: Have the corporate video available on social platforms like YouTube and Facebook, enabling remote employees to contribute to the company’s happening.

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