creative photography

Creative Photography Tricks

creative photography

For a beautiful photograph, you need an excellent working camera and some props readily available at home. Many people are now thinking that creative photography only requires a good camera and some nice filters you’ll find on your computer or mobile phone. Truth is, there’s more to creative photography than just filters! In fact, even the prettiest filters aren’t needed when you have taken a nice photo. 

Here are some tips and tricks you can keep in mind when it comes to creative photography:

1. Rain Effect: Add rain effect to your photo by using an old photo frame. Remove the backside of the photo frame. Take the glass of the frame and spray some water using a spray bottle for a dew effect. Now stand on the behind the glass and ask the photographer to click the photo.

2. Fairy Effect: Ask the model to dress up in white and hold lights used in Christmas tree decoration. The trick will add beautiful looking blobs of light in the photo. Have the model hold up the light in front of her for a unique fairy effect.

3. Lace Tablecloth: Using a lace tablecloth with a nice design, you can bring a three-dimensional effect to the photo.

4. Chandler Crystal: A chandler crystal is a natural prop for adding uniqueness in the photo. Just hold it in the bottom corner of the frame. The crystal will add unique color and effect to the photo.

5. Rainbow Effect: Using the bottom of the CD, you can create a rainbow effect in the photo. The bottom of the CD reflects light. Place the CD at an angle where you can get its reflection on the face of the model. You can use your phone flashlight to reflect the light from the CD.

6. Prism: Simply holding a prism on the side of the frame can give you a unique effect in the photo. Experience new effects every time by moving the prism up, down, right, and left.

You can add so much fun in a photo by using stuff at home. There are also many free photo editors you can find to further improve your photo. Use your creative ideas and capture images from different angles and using various props.

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